Jagoda Buić – internationally renowned artist and citizen of the world

“To see a world in a grain of sand and a heaven in a wild flower. Hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour”. William Blake

Jagoda Buić with her assistants the artist Velimir Tucakov and producer Luka Jerkovic at work in the studio on collage with paper and ink and left “Japan 11”.

I am delighted to introduce you to the internationally renowned artist and citizen of the world, Jagoda Buić at her home Provence. 

Jagoda happened to be running late for our first rendez-vous in late giving me a moment to catch my breath in wonder at her incredible property in the Bonnieux valley.

The Terrace at Bon Puit

The artist whose work I was waiting to photograph for an upcoming exhibition catalogue for MAXXI the Rome Museum of 20th and 21st century Art, was delayed at one of the spring’s busiest antique markets in the nearby village of Bonnieux because, she had a “packing conumdrum”!

You see what I mean in the photos… five chairs, a brimming chest of pewterware, a mirror, a small round table, picture frames, a Provençal wall-mounted water reservoir, a 19th century Parisian lamp, etcetera, etcetera. And, it all had to be carefully packed into a tiny 1960’s, birds egg blue, Renault 4 together with herself and Luka Jerković and Vesha (Velimir) Turcakov – Jagoda’s tall, young studio assistants. 

Named Bon Puit” the house is an authentic Provençal farmhouses in the Luberon with its secrets from a 300 year history. Shaded by century-old plane trees, cooled by breezes of two magical ponds and surrounded by orchards it has views of one of the most beautiful hill top villages in Provence.

Sweet moments in the garden, centuries old Plane trees on the terrace and the pond in early spring

The classic stone farmhouse was once home to the confessor of the Marquis de Sade. The bastide’s walls may have had their share of dark secrets but today the dignified house sits serenely on a pastoral property near the village of Bonnieux in le Parc Regional du Luberon in the Vaucluse.

Ancient capitals serve as a coffee table in the salon. Jagoda made the tapestry for the fireplace to keep the smoke “in” the original chimney.

The house was purchased by Jagoda’s late husband as a retreat from his responsibilities at the International Monetary Fund and World Bank in Washington DC. The couple escaped to Provence, if only for a weekend, where they would relax on a simple diet of local goat cheese, olives, meats grilled on the kitchen fire and Hans’ homemade wine. 

The view from the master bedroom to the village of Bonnieux and interiors showing the kitchen fireplace, the music room and the main salon

Jagoda, who at the age of 90 continues to work assiduously on architectural tapestries, collages, large and small scale metal sculptures and travels between five homes in Paris, Venice, Vienna, Zagreb and Dubrovnik

The passion that drives her to work, also drives her to play.

From top left: A collage and sculpture for the MAXXI show in Rome, Jagoda in the 1970s, “Red Volumes” 1980 architectural sculpture made from wool and sisal, photos from an exibition catalogue, two “ship” sculptures welded in Bonnieux from scrap metal, Vesha working on the ships with Jagoda and bottom at work in the busy studio for the MAXXI show.

“Bon Puit” is filled with memories guided by an incredible eye for the truly authentic. The same is true of each of Jagoda’s properties. I have visited the Paris apartment on Isles St. Louis overlooking the Apse of Notre Dame cathedral – an art filled home of exquisite taste. Each of Jagoda’s properties reflect the unique provenance of their location as does Bon Puit. I am looking forward to visiting the beautiful Bonnieux house again soon when Jagoda, Vesha and Luka return this spring.

Vesha, Jagoda and Luka in the Bonnieux studio

For more information abour Jagoda Buić please go to the following websites:


Asynchronous equilibrium – Jagoda Buić (Museo MAXXI)

Please enjoy the second of my stories, “Les Lubertines,” about the amazing women I share the company of here in the Luberon. Next up: Martine Macé, an amazing story, begging to be told…

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  1. Wow, what an extraordinary artist, and awesome home/setting. Deborah you’ve captured it all beautifully, as always. Love following your adventures in Provence! xoxo

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